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SPECIALIZED IN Data protection law/GDPR, IP/Copyright law, Media law, Internet law, E-Commerce, Corporate law

Law Office Milić

Intellectual property law/ Copyright, Media, IT and Internet law, Personal data protection, E-commerce etc.

Law Office Milić, was founded in 2008, by Lawyer Dragan Milić . In addition to lawyers, the law office also consists of associates, lawyers and law graduates who, in addition to the legal areas that the office and its founder primarily deal with, also have specializations in the field of commercial law, labor law, real estate transactions and status. All members of our team are fluent in English.

Since its inception, the office has focused on branches of law such as intellectual property and media law, with an emphasis on the online environment, i.e. the exercise and protection of rights on the Internet. With the expansion of the Internet in the last decade, the already acquired knowledge and experience have helped the law firm to position itself as a competent provider of legal services related to the legal aspects of the Internet, both individuals and legal entities, and lawyer Dragan Milic has gained the status of Internet law pioneer in Serbia.

As other branches of law increasingly took over their internet spheres, the affairs of the office became more general, encompassing a complete customer service on or in connection with the Internet. In this regard, e-commerce as the dominant form of business today required adequately legal support, which the law firm Milić could immediately provide to its clients, especially regarding the development of terms of use, privacy policy, regulations on returns and reclamation, rules on withdrawal and accompanying forms who is necessary for the exercise of consumer rights and records.

The dominance of the Internet has also contributed to the actualization of the issue of personal data protection of its users, so after Directive 95/46 EC, which was accompanied by our Law on Personal Data Protection from 2008, the EU adopted the GDPR, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation, whose solutions have implemented since 2019 in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia. Adequate application of this regulation required knowledge, first of all of the Internet with its characteristics, information security, but also general postulates of the right to privacy that have been emerged for decades, mostly through constitutionally guaranteed human rights, but also through media law and its case law. Considering that the law office Milić previously have dialed with the right to privacy in “analog” environment, we readily welcomed these new regulations and took part in the training of Data protection officer, providing services for the implementation of solutions in business entities, as well as through participation in public appearances, media and conferences.

Considering that lawyer Dragan Milić has been the arbitrator of the Commission for resolving disputes regarding the registration of national internet domains since 2011 , at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, where as president or member of the arbitration panel participates in making decisions on requests to take over or terminate .RS internet domain registration, the law office has built a wealth practice in these areas of law as well.

The law office provides services primarily in the following legal areas:
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – (Includes registration and protection of domestic and international trademarks, copyrights of various forms, including support for the development and protection of software solutions and programming code. Protection and enforcement of other industrial property rights, such as patents and designs, are also services we provide within representation.) 
  • COPYRIGHT – Although this branch of law is an integral part of Intellectual Property Law, since the law firm has largely involved in copyright protection and representation of authors on the one hand and the media on the other, the rich experience in this field puts us on the map of the important participants in creating practices and trends in this legal branch. 
  • MEDIA LAW – (Media law is a legal area that regulates broadcasting, advertising, telecommunications, media part of information technologies, entertainment, gaming and film industry, print and online media services, but also issues of censorship, freedom of speech, press, media ethics, damages caused as a result of the media, regulation assigned to a vertical and horizontal concentration of media ownership and more. A special part of the media law concerns the right to privacy in the context of disclosure of information in the media and any violation of personal rights. As part of the media law, there is the right of entertainment industry ( Entertainment law ), which this industry in the US alone accounts for about 3% of GDP.) 
  • INTERNET LAW – Internet law is very difficult to define due to the breadth of its activities and constant technological changes, which we witness every day. It is one of the youngest branches of law, arising from the need to expand the existing one, creating a new regulatory framework that would regulate the Internet and bring the necessary legal security and safety of its users. Internet law or cyber law, as it is also called, includes the regulation of contractual and tortuous relations on the network, the right to privacy, freedom of speech and intellectual property that finds its application on the global network, Internet security, copyright on computer program codes and databases, criminal offenses arising from online activities, online betting, as well as the tax aspect of the exchange of goods and services online. It also covers areas of property rights in the case of ownership of digital data, internet domains, etc.)     
  • COMMERCIAL LAW (we represent and provide full legal support in all phases of business of legal entities, including but not limited to advising potential investors regarding possible incentives for investment in the Republic of Serbia, tax and other business facilities, business optimization through import / export strategies, strategies employment and allocation of employees, status changes, capital management, foreign exchange operations.
  • LABOR LAW – we provide full legal support in the field of labor relations, including the preparation of general acts of the employer, preparation of employment contracts and supporting documents, support in the procedures of termination of labor relations, labor disputes, etc. 
  • CONTRACT LAW – we represent and provide full legal support in negotiations, formation of strategies, preparation of documentation and necessary acts in order to conclude and implement the widest range of legal affairs.
  • REAL ESTATE – we provide full legal support in all procedures and proceedings related to real estate management and trading, which includes full legal support in negotiations, strategy formation, preparation of documentation and necessary acts in real estate purchase procedures, resolving complex property relations – development of locations, obtaining appropriate documentation, monitoring the process of building facilities and etc. 
  • TAX LAW (includes but is not limited to tax advice in terms of tax rights and obligations, and for the purpose of tax optimization in business)
  • COLLECTION OF RECEIVABLES – we represent and provide full legal support in court and out-of-court collection of receivables, including risk assessments and analysis of collection possibilities, representation on court and out-of-court enforcement proceedings, which includes representation in possible litigation.
  • CIVIL LITIGATION- we represent and provide full legal support in all types of civil litigation, on courts of special and general jurisdiction. 
  • PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION – The Internet has brought new ways in which one’s privacy can be violated with much more disastrous and far-reaching consequences for the injured party. Through the personal data that can be collected in this way, it may enter to the deepest spheres of the personality, and human integrity can be irreparably endangered in the most difficult ways. One of the characteristic ways of violating the right to protection of personal data and privacy on the Internet is unauthorized monitoring, storage and processing of information on the activities of the Internet users, especially through metadata or information about the communications themselves. Since today’s software systems, with the help of algorithms, easily connect and cross the obtained data and based on them generate a very precise and detailed picture of the contacts, interests and other preferences of the person to whom the metadata refers, this data represents high-risk categories of privacy information and they require special legal treatment and caution when it comes to the implementation of these regulations both in practice and through the general acts of the company. The development of potential dangers to personal data is accompanied by new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has already entered into force in the EU, and through legal changes, our regulations have harmonized with this regulation. 

Legal support for you internet business

If your business in based on internet or connected with the global network, we do full legal support for you. Even if you are not internet company, it is difficult to imagine company which can survive without presence on the internet. E-Commerce, Data protection and GDPR compliance, IP (Trademarks, Copyright and Patents), Media law, legal support for software, but also corporate law, real-estate, labor law and other civil legal practice.   

Resent important events and conferences

  • Seminar on Copyright Law – Belgrade“ – Evropski centar za sudije i pravnike, Ministarstvo pravde Kraljevine Luksemburg i Ministarstvo za evropske integracije RS, seminar u Zavodu za intelektualnu svojinu RS, – 04. Decembar 2019 – panelista
  • Seminar GDPR/ZZPL – Poslovna izuzetnost & Komora zaštitnika podataka o ličnosti, Novi Sad, Novembar 2019
  • Konferencija „Mladi online – kada postaje opasno“, Pravni fakultet univerziteta u Beogradu, Novembar 2019, predavač
  • Konferencija “ZZPL – Prvi rezultati primene i najčešće nedoumice u praksi” – Forum Media doo, Hotel Saint Ten, Beograd, Novembar 2019 – predavač i panelista
  • Seminar GDPR/ZZPL – Poslovna izuzetnost & Komora zaštitnika podataka o ličnosti, Beograd, Oktobar 2019
  • Reporters Without Borders – Media Monitor, Belgrade/Berlin, 2017 – 2019 – Konsultant za monitoring medijske regulative u kontekstu horizontalne i vertikalne medijske koncentracije i neutralnosti interneta, kao i panelista i govornik na prezentaciji projekta za medije
  • Gostujuće predavanje na temu IT prava – Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Kragujevcu, maj 2019
  • Konferencija “Ekonomska politika novinskih agencija”, u organizaciji medijske agencije “Beta”, Beograd maj 2019 – panelista
  • Konferencija “Intelektualna svojina i internet”, Pravni fakultet Univerziteta Union, Beograd, April 2019. – predavač
  • Gostujuće predavanje na temu “Odnos naziva internet domena i žiga”, Elektronski fakultet Univerziteta u Nišu, April 2019.
  • Konferencija “Medijski tretman maloletnika u regulativi i praksi” – Centar za edukaciju i razvoj Leskovac – predavač
  • Konferencija “Medijske slobode i autorska prava”, u organizaciji Nezavisnog udruženja novinara Srbije, Beograd, Januar 2019. – moderator i panelista
  • Konferencija “Zaštita podataka o ličnosti”, Hotel Moskva, Beograd, Novembar 2018 – predavač i panelista
  • Konferencija “Digital media conference”, Ohrid, septembar 2018, predavač i panelista
  • Konferencija “Intelektualna svojina i internet”, Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Jun 2018 – predavač
  • Promocija rada “Mogućnost primene blockchain tehnologije u autorskom pravu”, objavljenom u godišnjoj publikaciji Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Jun 2018
  • Konferencija “European jurnalism in digital age”, Perast 2018 – učesnik i predavač
  • Gostujuće predavanje na temu “Odnos naziva internet domena i žiga”, Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Mart 2018.
  • Crypto party konferencija – Pravni aspekti blockchain tehnologije, Ljubljana, Mart 2018 – Predavač
  • 58th ICANN – konferencija, Copenhagen, 2017 – Učesnik
  • Digital Born Media Carnival, Kotor 2017 – Predavač i workshop mentor
  • Konferencija OEBS and Independent Journalist Association of Vojvodina – sudska praksa u medijskom pravu, 2017 – Panelista


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