IT Contracts

Supporting the IT industry involves incorporating multiple branches of law. One of them is certainly corporate law, within the framework of which norms, companies agree among themselves on mutual rights and obligations. Further, one of the most important is the labor-law aspect of the relationship between the engaged project developers and contracting clients, which can be both large companies but also small subcontractors or developers who need help and support.

One of the key issues is the intellectual property of the created high-tech product, that is, the rights to it’s economic exploitation, as well as the rights retained by the project participants. Depending on the type of contractual relationship with the developers, a contract for the commissioning of a copyrighted work is often concluded in practice, defining the relationship between the contracting parties.

In foreign jurisprudence, computer programs and the rights regarding them are transferred by a license agreements. Although Serbian legislation reserves these contracts for industrial property rights, a large number of solutions from license agreements in our country can be transferred to contracts that regulate the rights to software and other products or services in the high technology and communication industry.

As part of any contract in this area, or as a separate contract accompanying it, there is also a confidentiality agreement in which the contracting parties, particularly the contracting authority, safeguard their business interests and the information they possess.



  • License agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Business-technical cooperation agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Intellectual property rights to high-tech products
  • NDA contracts
  • Contracts for the ordering of copyrighted work
  • Establishing copyright protection over computer programs and databases