Legal Areas

The Law Office provides services in a large number of legal areas, such as intellectual property with an emphasis on trademark protection and copyright, internet law, electronic commerce, personal data protection, IT law, but also has a very elaborate and rich practice in some general legal areas such as commercial law, labor law, services related to real estate, drafting of all types of contracts and other acts. In the main navigation menu of the website, you can read more details about each of the legal areas in which the office provides services.

Internet law

Internet law is a new branch of law and as it is constantly expanding and has it's own rules, but it also implies other legal areas related to the Internet.

Media law and the media

Representation and registration of portals and other media, privacy and compensation for damages due to publication of information in the media, denials and corrections.

IT law

IT or ICT law implies a branch of law that regulates legal relations in the world of information technologies and e-communications.

Personal data protection

The Law and the GDPR impose a series of obligations on Data Controllers and Data Processors which may include you as well if you deal with personal data.


E-Commerce implies harmonization of operations and acts with a number of important regulations, as well as a contractual relation with e-customers.

Real estate

Purchase and sale of real estate, gift of real estate, lifetime support, drafting of notarization and attendance at notarization.

Art Law

Art Law is an informal branch of law, within which other legal fields appear in the context of works of art.

Copyright Law

An essential part of intellectual property rights and a way for authors to protect their works form illegal exploitation and exercise their rights in court.

Intellectual property Law

Legal area that includes copyright and industrial property such as trademark, patent, industrial design, geographical origin and other.

Digital property

Cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, NFTs are just some of the types of digital assets, within which the ICO, white paper and exchange of these assets are regulated.

Labor Law

Regulation of the relation between the employer and the employee is part of the labor law area, which regulates both the entry into and termination of employment.

Commercial Law

Status questions, registration in front of the registration agency, all types of contracts and a complete legal support for companies.