Harmonize the business with GDPR

The new regulation on personal data protection at the EU level has made a big fuss and it is no secret that many companies, frightened at first by extremely high administrative penalties, have panically started to seek help to align their operations with the Regulation. Some with the cause for concern, some without it, but certainly GDPR was one of the most popular abbreviations in the world during the year of 2018. With the adoption of the Personal Data Protection Law in the Republic of Serbia in November 2018, and with the beginning of its implementation in August, the same alignment of rights and obligations with the new law awaits domestic controllers and processors of personal data.

Our law office offers services of harmonization of the legal part of the business, which includes documentation revision, analysis of collected and processed data, amendments or drafting of new documentation in accordance with the new regulations, including general and individual acts, policies and records.

In the Republic of Serbia the treatment of personal data of employees and of persons hired on a different basis, represents a special challenge, given the lack of legal norms in labor law that should regulate this area in more detail as a special law. Also, employee video surveillance provisions are mainly based on the general regulations on personal data protection, as well as on the recommendations and opinions of the Commissioner. Therefore, it is important that these rules are regulated in detail by the general acts of each society and brought into line with laws, practice and international trends, especially within the EU.