Residence and work permits for foreigners

Complete procedures regarding residence and help with getting work permits and their prolongation.

Employment contracts

We provide contract drafting of all types of contracts that consist with all the necessary clauses for your specific business needs.

Legal support for the gaming industry

Legal support in the gaming industry which include intellectual property issues, contracts with programmers, and other acts.

Starting a company

Company establishment services, consultations, drafting of a special tailored founding document, accompanying decisions and the complete registration procedure.

Contract drafting

Manage your legal relations on a secure way. We provide legal drafting of large number of named and unnamed contracts.

Liquidation of legal entities

Closing a company can be a complex process with a lot of legal, tax and factual obstacles. We"ll do it for you.

NDA contracts

Confidential information is the most valuable resource of the 21st century. Save them and secure your plans, know-how and the future of your business.

IT contracts

All types of contracts that are common in the IT and ICT industry, from programming, databases to the use of digital services.

Registration and protection of trademarks

Register your business name or your brand name before someone else does it.

Copyright - Individual realization and protection

Complete contract and judicial legal protection of your creations.

Drafting of privacy policies for internet services and websites

Specific acts for aligning the web services with the GDPR and the Law.

Drafting of terms of use for internet services and websites

Drafting of specific e-contracts and other acts for your websites.

Internet domain names

Your internet domain is your identity on the internet, it is proof within court and alternative procedures, it would be best for your business to protect your Internet identity.

Harmonize the business with GDPR

Services of the Data protection officer (DPO) and alignment with the conditions of the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act.